• Care Bears and My Little Pony at Primark!


    So if you’re into kawaii style, be it something specific like Fairy Kei or just random quirky clothes, shopping can be a pain. I know this because, well, I am. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of days I do give in to society and dress like a grown up. But other days, my aim is to look like (as someone once eloquently described Harajuku style to me) “as if Japan threw up on me.”

    Imagine my delight whn I went to the new Primark in Leeds in the Trinity Centre. No only was it new, clean, and spacious, without wrestling customers and clothing strewn on the floor, but it was full of clothes I LOVED. I had to reign myself in and not buy the whole store, but I did cherry pick a few bits and bobs to show you guys :-)

    They’re going on a bit of a My Little Pony bender at the moment. There are jumpers, t-shirts, and pants - be warned this is old school MLP though, the one from my childhood. I don’t care, I just like My Little Pony! There’s also a lot of Care Bears stuff, and leggings with brightly coloured patterns and sweets all over them. And for those of you who are after pastels, they have pastel knitwear GALORE! Get yourselves to Primark!!!

    All photographs belong to Primark except the My Little Pony Pants, which I photographed.